Silk Scrunchie ~ Blue Multi Color


Silk Scrunchie ~ Blue Multi Color

Gorgeous silk scarves recreated as the finest hair accessory.  The watercolor brush strokes of abstract art makes each piece unique, while still drawing from the same color palette.  This stylish pop of color is stunning when holding your hair or as an accent of color around the wrist.  We just love that this scrunchie complements nearly any outfit with the variety of color each each one.  Top off your outfit with a scrunchie!

Color: Blue shades ranging from sky blue peacock blue with a hint of purple, navy, green and earth tones.

Description: Sturdy elastic inside cut precisely to hold your hair or fit your wrist in style and comfort. Each piece varies slightly in appearance but obtains similar colors, the rolled puffy hem, and high-end quality as they are all cut from original Grey Hall Design silk scarves.


Scrunchies arrived yesterday and they are even more beautiful than I had expected! -Kay S.