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Have you ever looked at successful women in a wide range of careers, vocations and business ventures and wondered.... "How'd She Do That?"  Emily Landers, decided to investigate this curiosity we all ponder and turn it into a podcast series giving each of us a peek under the hood to the journey, trials, and magic that accumulate and ultimately formulate the most amazing stories of female entrepreneurs. 

As longtime fans of Emily's talent for insightful questions, commentary and identifying guests with a fabulous range of backgrounds, it was probably the equivalent of Christmas morning excitement when Page and I had the privilege of meeting the renown HSDT podcast host at The Southern C Summit in Sea Island. 

            The Southern C Summit - Grey Hall Design - HSDT Emily Landers How'd She Do That? How'd she do that? HSDT podcast - Grey Hall Design Silk Scarf Designer

Emily is an author, speaker, and host in Malibu, CA. Through these many roles, Emily has had the chance to do one of her favorite things: connect and collaborate with people who are just as passionate about their work.

With this lens Emily selects women to be invited on to her podcast.  Page and I could not be more humbled to be among this esteemed list in Episode 122 of HSDT to tell our Grey Hall Design story.

In our discussion, we give details for how our childhood was infused with creativity and imagination, how Page, our brother - Joe, and I were inspired to celebrate inventiveness and originality, and how our various college studies became building-blocks for an entrepreneurial launching pad.

And then fast-forward to when our focus on Silk Scarves began as Page and I entered the workforce.  

Page and I being just a year apart, when we graduated college and began our first jobs, we were in search of a professional wardrobe that also represented our individual styles.

At the time, we would have loved an Hermes silk scarf but could not afford it - and yet, off-the-rack, mainstream stores did not offer the elevated sophistication and rich color palette in silk scarves that excited us.

You must listen to discover the rest of our story!!!

And if you enjoy this, you must investigate exclusive content and behind-the-scenes updates with Emily Landers through her Patreon site. Join as a Patron and receive additional podcast episodes every a month as well as unlimited access to vlogs, BTS, and so much more!

 THANK YOU, EMILY for the honor and privilege of being a guest on your incredible podcast. 

We are lifelong fans of HSDT!!!


grey hall design luxury silk scarf designer

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