After each scarf composition is thoughtfully hand-painted, graphic borders are added to juxtapose whimsical with modern for a fresh finish.We carefully source textiles of the highest quality.

Our premium silks and cashmere deliver long-lasting elegance you will enjoy for years.  Each silk twill scarf consists of hand-rolled edges, and our standard size is a lavish 38”x38”  because exceptional attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us.  


Delivering luxury quality & gorgeous design. Your style should be defined by inspiration and beauty.

There is great appreciation for the artisans who bring our vision to life, for the timelessness of silk twill, for the luxury of hand-rolled edges, for the vibrant colors and the imaginative patterns.  Each scarf tells a story.   You see a different glimpse into the story whenever you tie your scarf in a different way.  A fanciful pagoda with flags waving in the breeze.  An African bird taking flight. Branch coral reminiscent of Capri.

Explore our original Knotty Scarf Collection.  We couldn’t find the silk scarves we wanted to wear, so we made them ourselves.  We’re scarf gals… it’s simple and chic.  Come join us as we’re twisting tradition and getting “knotty” ~

Discover our story.  Meet designer, Grey Hall, and the people who make this boutique brand unique.

Capri Silk Scarf Watercolor_original handcrafted design_Grey Hall Design_The Knotty Scarf  Butterfly with retro stripe border_multi-color_silk scarf_Grey Hall Design_The Knotty Scarf  Hand-rolled edges_Silk Twill_luxury quality Silk Scarf_Grey Hall Design_The Knotty Scarf  African Safari Silk Scarf_Orange Hermes_Caribbean Coral Silk Scarf_Grey Hall Design_The Knotty Scarf  Silk Scarf_Silk Twill Scarves_Hand-rolled edges_Grey Hall Design_The Knotty Scarf