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Delivering luxury quality & gorgeous design. Your style should be defined by inspiration and beauty.

There is great appreciation for the artisans who bring our vision to life, for the timelessness of silk twill, for the luxury of hand-rolled edges, for the vibrant colors and the imaginative patterns.  Each scarf tells a story.   You see a different glimpse into the story whenever you tie your scarf in a different way.  A fanciful pagoda with flags waving in the breeze.  An African bird taking flight. Branch coral reminiscent of Capri.

Explore our original Knotty Scarf Collection.  We couldn’t find the silk scarves we wanted to wear, so we made them ourselves.  We’re scarf gals… it’s simple and chic.  Come join us as we’re twisting tradition and getting “knotty” ~

Discover our story.  Meet designer, Grey Hall, and the people who make this boutique brand unique.

Talk of the Town


"I was in Paris last month and bought an Hermès scarf, but I like yours better."   Austin H., San Francisco, CA

"I cannot even speak. This is so beautiful. Beyond. The colors are insane. I have thrown it all over everything and it looks amazing...my bed...leather chair...tied on a bag. I seriously just keep staring at it." Jen P., Cincinnati, OH

"You know you love a scarf when you want to build a wardrobe around it! I Love my scarf...it is not only cute but it is absolutely luxurious to the touch!" Mary R., Orlando, FL

"Arrived today. It's gorgeous. Better than expected."  Suneet A., Brooklyn, NY

"I wore your exquisite dog scarf yesterday-fab!!! Your artwork and silk."  Molly C., Cincinnati, OH


Giving That's Not Just a Fad

Giving That's Not Just a Fad

Giving Thanks for The Shepherd’s Crook Orphan Ministry

Walking the streets of some of the world’s most fashionable cities, it’s easy to be swept away in the glitz of a global vibe, the hottest trending ensembles and the latest cafés to experience.  Just past this veil are the real souls who make up that city’s fabric.

TSC is diligently working to place over 350 children with disabilities or who may be “aging out” of the system globally with forever families.  They seek those willing to step out in faith and adopt these special children.

November 22, 2017 by Grey Hall
behind the scene_photoshoot_The Knotty Scarf_Grey Hall Design_Amy Elisabeth Spasoff Photography

Show Me Sass!

Twisting Tradition began with creating a lifestyle brand. Delivered through the lens of location photographer Amy Elisabeth Spasoff  @amyelisabeth12 the Knotty Scarf began to take shape. Capturing today's must-have accessory: an original silk scarf with hand-rolled edges for a fresh, modern and luxurious way to step-out!  



November 11, 2017 by Grey Hall

Instagram in the Community

Why not turn doodles into wearable art!?

Sisters, Grey and Page Hall, have teamed up to collaborate on trending design and timeless touches that will make your wardrobe love you. 

All designs are original watercolor compositions translated to the finest quality fabrics. 

You’ll discover our luxury silk scarves are a bit oversized verses traditional scarves; featuring a 38”x38” silk twill with hand-rolled edges. These extra couple of inches offers more variety for ways to tie and show your creative style.

Also available are bandana size silk scarves and cashmere, plus a giant stole size is on the way. Envelope yourself in luxury and get knotty!

Twisting Tradition with luxury is our promise to you.