Wooden Boat - Silk Twill Pocket Square


Wooden Boats ~ Pocket Square

Watercolor illustrations of iconic wooden boats. Discover the intricate details of each original, hand-painted relic. 

A classic and nautical, neutral! This striking wooden boat 100% silk twill pocket square with compass as the center medallion will WOW you with its accurate detail.  Examine each wooden boat and sailboat with a close eye and enjoy all the intricacies! 

The 16"x16" silk twill pocket square is just the right size for maintaining structure and luxury in any sport coat or tuxedo pocket.

Our pocket squares are made of the finest silk twill plus hand-rolled edges for a premium finish.  This particular design features a two-toned blue stripe alongside the hand-rolled edge.


Description: Boats include a variety of Chris Craft Riviera Cruisers, 1963 Cruiser Inc, Italian Riva Aquarama wooden speed boats and sailing yachts.   

Size: 16"x16"

Color: Ivory, navy, red, periwinkle and ice blue


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