Bengal Tiger - John Ruthven Collaboration - 100% Silk Twill Scarf and Pocket Square


John Ruthven x Grey Hall Design is a very special collaboration!

John A. Ruthven is a master of wildlife art and also known as the 20th century Audubon.

We are extremely proud to bring world renowned artist John Ruthven's magnificent Bengal Tiger painting into the modern era of luxury accessories. With a friendship between our families dating back generations, it was truly serendipitous that Grey should re-connect with John's grandson, Matt Weissman, who initiated the idea for a collaboration. Having possessed a love for John Ruthven's art for years, it really was quite an honor to be given the challenge to design a silk scarf and pocket square that would bring our different artistic styles together in one composition.

Both having roots in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was only fitting to step into a collaboration that would celebrate this common bond via our beloved Bengal Tiger. Thus the vision was aligned, sketching began and here we are with an absolutely striking display of Bengal spirit and pride. The leading character, John’s fierce Bengal Tiger, is ready to pounce out of Grey’s watercolor jungle. Ruthven's incredibly lifelike Bengal Tiger possesses captivating eyes and realistic striped coat juxtaposed against a monochromatic, dense orange jungle. The outcome, a dramatic crescendo fitting for a gallery wall in a beautiful frame or adorning the neck or pocket as wearable art for football fans everywhere.


Description: Frame for your home or wear at a game! Bengal Tiger silk scarf and pocket square. Vibrant orange backdrop with Bengal Tiger stripe border.  100% silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges


  • 16" x 16" Pocket Square OR Bandana
  • 38” x 38” Luxury Size 

Color:  Vibrant orange and monochromatic mango hues with realistic Bengal Tiger coloring as found in the wild!