Batik Belle Swan - 100% Silk Twill Scarf


Inspired by Indonesian wax-resist dyeing techniques, this gorgeous silk scarf in periwinkle blues with a hint of pale cerulean skies is a loose watercolor, batik style design.  This silk scarf captures the southern sophistication and hospitality of a stately home in the background contrasted by painterly stripes giving the illusion of water...atop are snow white swans forming a triangular point.  These juxtaposed design elements create an interesting and unexpected layout framed-in by dogwood flowers in pinky hue colors.  For those who've traveled to Atlanta, you'll enjoy knowing the Swan Coach House was the initial inspiration!

Description: Batik style watercolor; stately home with swans in the foreground.  A modern take on layering stripes as the backdrop, while dogwood flowers adorn each corner in the foreground.  100% silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges

Size: 38” x 38” Luxury size 

Color:  Periwinkle, white, pale cerulean blue with pink hues and a touch of strawberry red

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