Pareo ~ Capri


Our Pareos are a blend of cotton and linen for a very breezy, airy and soft feel in the warm sunshine.  Their gauzy nature give great breathability while featuring a fringe edge.  

Brighten up your swim look this season. Our convertible Pareo can be worn in multiple ways. Try tying around your neck as a halter dress, around your waist long as a maxi skirt or folded in half as a mini skirt or get creative and discover your own variation. 

Reflect the effortless beauty of the Mediterranean and gorgeous isle of Capri for elegant swim styling. 

The scent of jasmine envelops the island of Capri. Upon arriving in Marina Grande, the aroma of this gorgeous and delicate white blossom perfumes the air.  It is sheer magic and is depicted as a wreath around each of the primary scenes featured in the four corners of this scarf.  

The town center is a-buzz with clinking glasses in the hands of well-dressed Italians looking as if they ere on the set of a Vogue photoshoot.   

Carthusia beckons one to create her own fragrance, the Faraglioni rocks are a dramatic backdrop to the Da Luigi Beach Club, and beautifully imperfect lemons are everywhere! 

And finally, if you travel to Capri, visit the Hotel Quisiana for a Limoncello cocktail.  Wonder down to the indoor pool room... take off your sandals and walk along the cool tiles. You'll discover, the border of this scarf is inspired from these exact hand-painted tiles.


Color: Royal blue, purple, yellow and hints of pink and green

Size: 40" x 70" 

Material: Cotton + Linen blend