Greek Isles - Mediterranean Blues 100% Silk Twill Scarf


Greek Isles

Be whisked away with this Mediterranean silk scarf reminiscent of a sailing venture, island hopping from Santorini to Porto, Spetses and Hydra. Interwoven into the design is the iconic Greek Key.  A Mykonos windmill sits against a skyscape of whitewashed domed buildings nesting on arid cliffs.

The perfect accent to casually tie around your waist, wrapped around your head knotted with a bow, over your shoulders or tossed into your purse to add a splash of colorful sophistication.

Description: Iconic Mediterranean blue tones and white; 100% silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges

Size: 38” x 38” Luxury size

Color: Sky blue, turquoise, royal blue and white

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