Pareo ~ African Birds - Midnight Black


Our Pareos are a blend of cotton and linen for a very breezy, airy and soft feel in the warm sunshine.  Their gauzy nature give great breathability while featuring a fringe edge.  

Brighten up your swim look this season. Our convertible Pareo can be worn in multiple ways. Try tying around your neck as a halter dress, around your waist long as a maxi skirt or folded in half as a mini skirt or get creative and discover your own variation. 

The richness of the jet black background contrasted with vibrant watercolors of birds and butterflies makes for a gorgeous composition.  Trimmed in a luscious caramel border. The horizon is set with a pewter silhouette of an Acacia tree as nature's umbrella to an elephant family accompanied by giraffes.  African birds come to life in a vivid multi-color palette accompanied by fanciful butterflies.  This watercolor African Safari artwork is framed by a caramel-colored geometric border.


Color: Black with caramel keyline and hint of multiple colors with birds and butterflies 

Size: 40" x 70" 

Material: Cotton + Linen blend