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We love that March 20th marks the day that Winter blues have melted away. The first day of Spring beckons for a wardrobe refresh. And this season’s top looks, spotted among the four fashion capitals ~ New York, London, Milan & Paris ~ are just the right starting point for inspiration.

Dolche & Gabbana

Color knows no limits, and mixing patterns knows no bounds.  Florals, stripes, feathers and tulle, dots and upbeat splashes of color are in no shortage. How do we bring runway fashion back down to earth? Select just a few elements from all of those magazine spreads and insta posts and add them to your day by making sure they're in your closet.   What catches your eye?  Eyelet detail on a sleeve?  A ruffled neckline?  An obi knot belt?  A chic ponytail with a colorful scarf keeping it in place? 

 Our secret is that we don't just look to fashion.  We look to lifestyle and shelter magazines for inspiration.  Have you noticed the watercolor illustrations?  Bring watercolor to your wardrobe with one of our scarves.  All of that fab brass hardware in kitchens and bathrooms?  Wear gold jewelry.  Chintz and florals that have made a quiet comeback on upholstery?  Grab our new floral scarf.

WWD_2019 Fashion Runway_Stripes_Grey Hall Design Blog

That’s why, when Page suggested placing flowers organically ~ as if they’d been freely tossed in the air and then landed on the scarf ~ as a wide border around a field of painterly stripes, I was hooked on the idea.  I loved the juxtaposition of free-form flowers constrained within the finite borders of a scarf. Immediately, I could envision how I would paint this.

tulip watercolor_Grey hall design_silk scarf fashion stripes_grey hall design_silk Scarf Lily of the valley_Watercolor fashion_Grey Hall Design_silk Scarf


So, as you're tossing aside those winter blues, add some of our blues... and our chartreuses, plums, raspberries, sunset oranges, parakeet and jungle greens.  You can never go wrong with a scarf. 

watercolor garden flowers_organic_Grey hall design_silk Scarf

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