How to Wear a Silk Scarf ~ made simple!

How to Wear a Silk Scarf ~ made simple!

"How to wear a silk scarf!?" is the question we hear time and again! 

Put all pre-conceived ideas out of your head because no rules apply here! Silk scarves actually give lots of freedom to elevate the most simplistic outfits and instantly transform them into a polished, chic look. 

The Parisians have mastered this art.  And why must they!? With closets the size of a high school locker, necessity is the mother of all invention.  Silk Scarves require almost no space at all in your wardrobe and they make a big impact when worn.  Thus, when in Paris walking down the Champs-Elysees, it is nearly a sea of all black, yet each passerby strolls with effortless sophistication and style.  It's hard not to wonder how this is possible in one of the fashion capitals of the world when all black clothing dominates the landscape?  Upon taking a closer look, it is resoundingly clear... the silk scarf accessory.  Tied in dozens of unique ways, a pop of color in a rainbow of hues, and endless design themes, each similar version of black ensemble becomes distinctive and individual to her personal aesthetic.

We want to remove the mystique, the complication and the intimidation of tying a silk scarf, because we promise --it's really not so hard!!  Discover simple and easy ways to wear a silk scarf in our "How To" videos.  You will appreciate how the same exact outfit takes on a whole new style as Page demonstrates how to tie a silk scarf a different way in each video.

Tie around your head as a headband, neck as a necklace or waist as a belt and with a few select pieces of jewelry, you too can be ready for the avenues of Paris. 

A true - MUST HAVE - in your wardrobe is a silk scarf.  Choosing to invest in a classic and timeless fashion accessory will not only elevate your most simple clothing pieces, but actually make it easier and faster to solve any wardrobe dilemmas and run out the door.  Toss a scarf on & go!


Grey Hall Design Silk scarf custom watercolor scarves 

Grey Hall Design - Ivory Paris Silk Scarf - how to wear a silk scarf as a necklace  Grey Hall Design How to wear a silk scarf as a halter top  Grey Hall Design - how to wear a silk scarf as a necklace
How to Choose a Silk Scarf - A Must-Have for your Wardrobe

How to Choose a Silk Scarf - A Must-Have for your Wardrobe

To what color are you drawn?  Pick a silk scarf based on color first! If you LOVE the color, it will be magnetic in your wardrobe.   You will reach for it time and again if it's a color that makes you feel beautiful.

Secondly, choose a silk scarf based on theme that inspires you.  The subject matter of the design should spark an emotive connection, uplift, intrigue or represent a favorite personal motif.

Thirdly, look for artisan quality that will last as an heirloom you can hand-down to generations.  As you investigate, look for:

  • color saturation on both sides of the scarf
  • drapability and hand of the silk twill
  • hand-rolled edge ~ this is the mark of a luxury silk scarf!  That gorgeous dimensional edge is the most special detail 

We boast a lovely 38"x38" silk square that is actually a couple inches larger than the traditional 36" designer silk scarves on the market.  Hands-down, we have received unsolicited compliments that ladies LOVE the slightly larger size as they can do more with it.  For example, it's possible to tie your scarf as a belt and not just knot the ends, but have enough length to tie a bow!  We just love the feminine touch this brings. 

**PLUS, our silk scarves dry clean beautifully!!  Be sure to tell your premium cleaner to NOT press the rolled-edge of the scarf and voila!  You will be thrilled with the end result.

Enjoy the hunt for the perfect silk scarf for your wardrobe!


Grey Hall Design Silk scarf Designer how to choose a silk scarf

The Southern C Summit ~ We see in our crystal ball a return visit!

The Southern C Summit ~ We see in our crystal ball a return visit!

The most dreamy experience in every way!  The Southern Coterie has created an incredibly dynamic conference  ~ The Southern C Summit.  This 3-day event brings together bright, hardworking entrepreneurs, designers, publishers, influencers and all sorts of creative Doers.  With Sea Island as the backdrop, there is no shortage of magic interwoven into every aspect.  

Grey Hall Design - The Southern C Summit - Sea Island the Cloister

Our biggest takeaways from the 2022 Summit: a network of mentors, introductions to publishers, relationships with influencers, entrepreneur peers and all of whom we now cherish as friends!  

Even beyond our wildest imagination, we gained exceptional clarity for brand growth and opportunities for business exploration.  We are truly grateful for all the doors opened!!

Get excited for a number of surprises coming your way that we can't wait to reveal very soon.


Grey Hall Design Watercolor Illustrator Silk Scarf Designer

Grey Hall Design The Scout Guide Cincinnati Vol. 3

The Scout Guide ~ Cincinnati "Ones to Watch"

We love The Scout Guide and its pulse on trends.  Very exciting to watch the wave of launches across the country as new volumes drop in over 75 beautiful cities like a domino of colorful confetti.  The range in hues makes you want to collect one from each city and display them across your desk for the sheer purpose of sparking delight through their ombre sequence.

The classic variety of businesses and the essence of lifestyle evoked behind each brand is what keeps us coming back each year to seek-out tastemakers from coast to coast.

Discovering gems in all corners of America is the perfect travel guide too... Most shopping excursions are inspired from the Scout Guide Editors, and we are thrilled to cheer for @McKennaBrooks as Cincinnati's latest volume has now arrived! 

F L A S H   <>   B A C K!

What an honor it was to be selected among the "Ones to Watch" from The Scout Guide Cincinnati ~ Vol. 3.

Grey Hall Design The Scout Guide Volume 3 Cincinnati Grey Hall Design The scout guide cincinnati vol. 3 The scout guide cincinnati Volume 3 Grey Hall Design Ones to Watch The Scout Guide Cincinnati Vol. 3 Grey Hall Design

The Scout Guide Cincinnati Grey Hall Design Ones to Watch Volume 3


Grey Hall Design The Scout Guide Cincinnati TSG

Banniere Co.  x Grey Hall Design

Banniere Co. x Grey Hall Design

Never missing an opportunity to paints unique scenes inspired by travels that reflect beauty from around the globe, my watercolor travel set goes with me everywhere.  And a visit down-south to see Page is no exception!

Drawn to our family ties to Georgia and the South, we struck up a conversation with the lovely Olivia Meyer, founder of Banniere Co. ~ Silk Scarves, with the idea to design a Georgia inspired silk scarf.  The allure of the romantic, drooping Spanish moss and fanciful dogwood petals have always captivated me on roadtrips down Interstate-75 from Cincinnati to Atlanta time and again.   

 watercolor sketch Georgia Silk Scarf by Grey Hall Design for Banniere

It is with great pleasure we had the opportunity to collaborate with this trend-setting and oh-so-elegant boutique to transform sketches into wearable art celebrating Atlanta and the beautiful state of Georgia.  The luscious color palette with hints of navy and slight shades of blue is so striking.

Bringing style and storytelling into the design, we beautifully incorporated the Georgia state bird ~ Brown Thrasher, The Cherokee Rose state flower,  and iconic peach fruit into one elegant and timeless composition.   

Discover all of it's beauty!


grey hall design silk scarf designer

Mrs. Southern Social ~ The Madame of Entertaining!

Mrs. Southern Social ~ The Madame of Entertaining!

The wit, humor and charm of Mrs. Southern Social, Mary Huddleston, had us instantly won-over.  And not only that, we were in stitches with her keynote address at The Southern C Summit in Sea Island.  We could not have been more flattered by her love of our 100% cotton cocktail napkins upon meeting in person.  And As Mary puts it on her blog, she has the corner market on Southern charm without lifting an arm!  Which is why she incorporated our re-usable cotton cocktail napkins.  Their beautiful texture resembles the finest linen and can be customized to any theme ~ and are also available in a variety of "grab & go" designs on our website ready to ship today!
Resusable Cotton Cocktail Napkins Grey Hall Design collaboration with Mrs. Southern SocialGrey Hall Design Watercolor American Flags

As Mary's tablescape centered around America's Independence Day holiday, we sketched all sorts of variations of Old Glory.  We then took to watercolor paint on paper with brushstrokes inspired directly from the print and patterns of Mary's tableware, plates, tablecloth and dinner napkins.  

For extra entertainment, add Mary's "Without a Hitch" novel to your reading list! 

Discover all the beautiful watercolor ~ cotton cocktail napkins we have available.


Grey Hall Design Watercolor illustrator Collaboration Mrs. Southern Social

*All photos courtesy of Lele Fain Photography

Stubbs & Wootton - Dream Slipper Contest

Stubbs & Wootton - Dream Slipper Contest

In this game of roulette you always Win! We took a gamble to spin-up countless designs in hopes of cashing in with a victory for the Stubbs & Wootton #stubbsdreamslipper contest. Take a gamble and VOTE with a “like” of your fave design on my insta feed. THANK YOU & Thank You to @stubbsandwootton for this creatively cool opportunity 😆

grey hall designs for Stubbs and Wootton dream slipper contest


grey hall design watercolor artist

How to Tie a Silk Scarf - with Designed by Dixon

How to Tie a Silk Scarf - with Designed by Dixon

Silk Scarves are the perfect transition piece from day to night, yoga to cocktails. 

Designed by Dixon's Anna Louise appreciates this secret weapon more than anyone and invited us to see just how she does it!

Anna Louise (AL) of Designed by Dixon is our go-to for down to earth style, sophistication and great everyday ideas.  She styled our Chinoiserie in the Jungle silk scarf demonstrating how easy our Luxury 38"x38" designer silk squares are to add a pop of color and unique touch to any outfit. Discover AL's favorite ways to wear and get inspired! 

Toss around a ponytail if you're not sure what kind of a hair day you're having, or if you're looking to add a touch of spunk to a traditional outfit, wrap around your wrist. 

Designed by Dixon Silk Scarf ponytail by Grey Hall Design

Helloooo to the voluminous bow is the signature look AL fell in love with to accessorize her seagrass purse when adding our silk scarf.  It is that simple & easy!

Silk scarves are a must-have staple in your wardrobe and can be tied in a multitude of ways.

We hope you are as inspired as Anna Louise to try wearing a silk scarf in a new way today!


Grey Hall Design Silk scarf custom watercolor scarves

Grey Hall Design_Giving Back_Blog_StarfireCincy

We’re Fans: Meet Anne

Anne is a member of Starfire and an artistic fashion lover.  She is kindhearted and creative.  In the lull between seasons, we’re always looking for new inspiration and an opportunity to give back. This is why we turned to Starfire and had the privilege of being paired with Anne.  The connection was instant.  Collaborating together to design a trend-setting scarf would let Anne’s painting talent shine, and also celebrate her love of fashion.

Silk Scarf Magazine Tears

The process began with magazine tears and pulling together inspiration boards.  Then we looked for patterns and color themes, soon after splashes of paint began pooling on her watercolor paper. 

Scarf making workshop_Starfire_Grey Hall Design_silk Scarf Blog   Silk Scarf Painting_Anne Starfire_Grey Hall Design Blog   Anne Signature_Grey Hall Design Blog_Silk scarf workshop

It was inspiring to see Anne’s face light up as she described how the sun was the center of her design with flowers and butterflies in flight swirling around this fiery center.  Bringing her artwork to life on silk needed a special touch to make it as uniquely beautiful as Anne.  This meant an asymmetrical layout to make room for her iconic signature as the perfect corner accent.

Anne Signature_Grey Hall Design Blog_Silk Scarf Workshop   Custom Designed Silk Scarf_Grey Hall Design Blog

The final touch, trimming the scarf in petal pink, was a haute detail like a museum frame to fine art.

The most rewarding moment of it all… delivering Anne’s original composition as a stunning silk scarf; her own wearable art!

“This is a dream come true.” - Anne Gerhardt

Delivering Custom Silk Scarf_Grey Hall Design  Grey Hall Design_Silk Scarf Packaging_Blog

January 06, 2019 by Grey Hall