As soon as she comes into sight, long before she’s said hello, you see her… that strikingly adorned silhouette.


While intelligence, strength, and a well-articulated point of view go without saying, women of authority are also recognized by their grace and their accessories.

Whether winter for you is blustery or balmy, layer your accessories and silk scarves for that chic look that slays when you walk in the room.

Scientific studies confirm that the accessories a woman chooses elevate how she is perceived, her self-image, and her confidence. Incorporating a silk scarf takes out the guess work for how to build that understated style of a sophisticated ensemble.  Wear a tonal or neutral palette (black, navy, camel, or white ~ yes, white!), add our luxurious silk scarf, and voila! You’ll evoke the perfect je ne said quoi.   Celebrate your personality in a subtly powerful way! Define your confidence without words.


Inspo from @bat_gio




Laura said:

How do u tie the last photo. So pretty ‼️

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