Grey Hall Design_Silk Scarf Logo_original scarves_fine art to high fashion_wearable art

grey hall design_logo thumbnail sketches Refreshing a brand logo is quite an undertaking, and as Grey Hall Design is growing, I wanted to take a step back.  I wanted to think about the future of where our brand could stretch.  With complementary backgrounds in product development and design, my sister Page and I began the sketching process of illustrating “what if!”…to launch the Knotty Scarf collection.

Strong brands are memorable.  One-color icons... you know them: the Starbucks mermaid, Rolex crown, Burberry equestrian knight....  Developing a logo that captures the cues which reinforce our promise of luxury detail, artisan technique, hand-crafted quality and original design is no small task.  Page and I brainstormed myriad scenarios ranging from family crests, pedigree with monograms, bespoke design hints through various shapes and recognizable symbols. Probably 100+ thumbnails later, we landed on the essence of a painterly looking swan. 

grey hall design_logo branded gift tag_The knotty scarf_silk scarvesWe continued to be drawn to its relevancy for our brand because the swan tells a story of the possibility of transformation; of something or someone beautiful to behold. One continuous line that gives the quintessence of a hand-painted brush stroke takes the form of a swan. What I love about the Ugly Duckling fairytale is that yes, he undergoes a transformation into the most beautiful bird of all, but really it’s about personal growth in understanding he was always a unique and majestic creation. 

Our scarves are designed to celebrate your natural beauty and make you feel transformed. To empower effortless chic style with one simple accessory. Whether transitioning from work to play, yoga to errands, a scarf is that weapon in your wardrobe to toss onto any ensemble and look effortlessly chic in an instant! 

Need some inspiration? Check out our favorite ways to wear a scarf, and go get knotty!

Grey Hall Design_Silk Scarf_grocery errand_effortless chic_scarves_The Knotty Scarf




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