Giving That's Not Just a Fad

Walking the streets of some of the world’s most fashionable cities, it’s easy to be swept away in the glitz of a global vibe, the hottest trending ensembles and the latest cafés to experience.  Just past this veil are the real souls who make up that city’s fabric.

All too often when traveling abroad and even in our backyard, my sister and I became brokenhearted noticing the struggles of children and individuals with disabilities.  Humanity tends to place value on accomplishments achieved.  But what about those who aren’t physically able to meet such cultural expectations? 

With awareness comes responsibility. Celebrating the belief that each human life is worthy, and identifying how we can play a role to foster hope became the cornerstone of our giveback mission.

My husband and I had the privilege of meeting The Godwins who play a key role in The Shepherd’s Crook Orphan Ministry (TSC) at church.  Today, they are diligently working to place over 350 children with disabilities or who may be “aging out” of the system globally with forever families.  They seek those willing to step out in faith and adopt these special children. 

I love the need this organization tirelessly works to fill.  The reality is that a significant gap exists and it will take the hearts and efforts by many to try and close it.  All children in the world should be offered the opportunity for hope, to be valued and to be loved by a forever family.  This is why TSC is on our heart to give back.



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